Yeshivas Toras Moshe's
35th Anniversary Tribute Dinner
Sunday, December 3rd, 2017


  Yeshivas Toras Moshe 
  35th Anniversary Dinner
  Learning Torah. Living Torah. Loving Torah.

The announcement of the exciting new format of this year’s Dinner and the resonating theme of “Learning Torah. Loving Torah. Living Torah” also brought with it a call for alumni to submit their chiddushei Torah for publication in the Yeshiva’s inaugural kuntres, which will be published and distributed at the Dinner, reinforcing and celebrating the theme and its relevance to the alumni’s success.

The Dinner theme and the kuntres have struck a chord with the Yeshiva’s hanhalla members, who are enthusiastically urging their talmidim to submit their chiddushim and be a part of this undertaking. More than one rebbi repeated what they always tell their talmidim: “Your connection to the Yeshiva when you leave will be the same as when you were here, with one difference: when you were here, you were in Toras Moshe, and after you leave, Toras Moshe is in you.” 

“The Yeshiva prides itself on the excellence oflearning that its talmidim have acquired during their years in Yeshiva,” Rabbi Moshe Meiselman said. “The intense learning of two iyun sedorim in Yeshiva is something that remains with our talmidim and alumni for life. When looking at Chumash, Gemara, Rishonim or Acharonim, the Toras Moshe talmid views the Torah through eyes that have been trained to discern the layers of depth represented in each and every word. The greater part of our alumni, whether they are klei kodesh or in the business world, continue learn Torah b’iyun, with an emphasis on gaining in-depth clarity. It is for this reason that Toras Moshe is putting together a special kuntres based on the chiddushim of our alumni.”

“The kuntres is a wonderful idea,” explained Rabbi Yehuda Abramowitz, “because it evidences what we always say about our alumni, regardless of where they currently find themselves: If you ask ‘who they are’, they are b’nei Torah – doctor, lawyer, or rebbi merely describes ‘what they do’. Toras Moshe is very much about developing the “who you are”; its goal is that the talmidim should remain true bnei Torah, whether a Rosh Yeshiva ben-Torah or dentist ben-Torah. When you’re molding the talmid’s very essence, it doesn’t really matter what he will end up doing for a living. The Yeshiva ingrains in its talmidim a lifelong quest for Torah, a desire to continue to learn and understand it, for as many hours as they can, in exactly the way they did it in Yeshiva. I can think of no better way to give expression to that than through this kuntres. By submitting and sharing your Torah thoughts, you’re identifying yourself and reinforcing your association with this hashkafa and approach. The overwhelming majority of talmidim who become part of Toras Moshe have this love for Torah, and the kuntres is a natural outgrowth of that. Like Yosef haTzaddik, you’ll be proclaiming ‘Ani Yosef!’ – I am the same person who learned with Yaakov Avinu; all the years that elapsed did not change my essence.” 

“What greater testimony could there be,” said Rabbi DanielSinowitz, “to what the Yeshiva has instilled in us all. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen and klei kodesh, together expressing the motivation to analyze a sugya, to ‘cut it apart’, to ‘juice-out its depth’ and to taste and present its essential sweetness. That is the Torah that Toras Moshe taught us – and hand-in hand with that – Toras Moshe taught us that ‘that’s life!’” 

“The Yeshiva aims to provide the talmid with the ability to learn Torah while understanding of all its intricacies,” offered Rabbi Shmuel Weiner. “Tis special emphasis is what enriches its talmidim with a special geshmak in learning. The Yeshiva accomplishes this with its special approach within the seder halimud, which focuses upon serious iyun of the sugya at hand. Talmidim are also encouraged to develop their thoughts, both by delivering chaburos to their peers and by writing their chiddushim and preparing them for publication.” 

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Jacobowitz concluded: “Toras Moshe offers a unique, all-encompassing closeness to Torah that remains with the alumni throughout the rest of their lives. The Rosh Yeshiva’s message, that Torah is the center, is intended to go beyond their younger years, for a lifetime. The best proof is the continued contact the Rosh Yeshiva has with his talmidim, as he repeats the same points: ‘What is the center of your life? On what do you base your decisions?’ Whatever path a talmid takes, the Yeshiva celebrates the fact that the daily life choices he pursues are based on his connection to the Torah. The kuntres is a reflection of all this.” 

Alumni are requested to submit a written piece on any inyan of Gemara, Halacha or Aggada for the Kuntres. It can be written in Hebrew or English and submitted via email to: torahsubmissions@ In order to allow the rebbeim ample time to review each piece, and to accommodate the printing schedule, all pieces should be submitted no later than October 23rd.

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